Services always tailored to the Client! This is our valence.

WE RENT COLD CHAMBERS AND REFRIGERATING SPACES to several customers, for the conservation of their products, like

  • chickens : mainly from local producers but also imported
  • meat: local slaughterhouses and distributors
  • fisheries : horse mackerel and others, imported from Namibia, Chile, New Zealand, Spain or South Africa
  • local fisheries such as shrimp, shellfish and other pelagic fish.
  • vegetables, fruits and others, frozen or chilled (depending on conservation rules) .

23 cold rooms from 0º to -25º C

We only provide services. We do not sell nor authorize the sale of products or goods at our facilities (either wholesale or retail).

ETG Logistics, Lda (Maputo and Beira)


Handlings of frozen products are of extreme importance and so we offer two kind of services:

  • “KEY RENTAL” of Cold-Chamber

Rental of chambers for periods normally longer than one month, in which the Customer opens, closes, uses, stowages and handles at his discretion, as if he were in his proper installation . Of course always in coordination with our technicians and security guards. This model has been a success, namely, due to the care in handling, although we are specialists, better than anyone, the owner has more skills, experience and control when moving and managing his products autonomously. More than 80% of our rentals are in this option.

  • Rental of cold chamber in SPACE-SHARING, also called “groupage”

We have cold rooms under our control, in which share spaces with different customers, always respecting the conditions, types and varieties of products to be preserved. This modality is usual for small quantities, generally less than 30 Tons.


In the same area of ​​72,000 m2, we also have offices, houses, apartments and other facilities on a monthly rental basis. Depending on the negotiations, we have a wide range of solutions tailored to the needs of our customers: whether they are “start-ups“, with the possibility of having a warehouse (cold-store or not), office and housing (for technicians or directors) in a single rental; whether they are NGOs or companies in development in need of expanding their facilities; “Open-spaces”, workshops or others; or as well practically almost all importers of frozen food or even national industry in the food sector, that need cold with guarantee, in quantity and, mainly, safely and strategically well located!

We are close to everything!

At the entrance to the Commercial Port of Maputo, next to the intersection of the N1 – Estrada Nacional Nº1 Maputo to the North and the N2 Maputo – Matola, N4 that connects to South Africa. The city center (the City) is 2 minutes away via OUA Avenue (our official address) or via the access of Maputo-Katembe bridge. Maputo International Airport is 6 km away, or about 15 minutes!

L O G I S T I C S   S E R V I C E S

Warehouse & Logistics

FRIGORIFICO23 individual Cold Chambers with total effective capacity of 3168 tonnes or 9060 cubic meters. We have chambers from 100 tones (286 m3) to 187 tones (533 m3), all with adjustable range of temperatures. Three chambers are always available for groupage (sharing).

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OFFICE750 square meters for offices! From 170 m2 in open space to small and medium sectors from 10 to 24 m2. Visit us!

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HOUSES2 Flats and 7 Villas. All in the same complex! 7 villas T2 and T3 with 112 m2 of built area, with gardens, garage and outbuildings. Also two apartments (flats) T3 with 70 m2 each.
WAREHOUSEWe also have warehouses, auto repair shops and other facilities and areas of expansion and for development.

Why ETG Logistics CCS?

  • Experience! Over 40 years in the market, always ensuring quality.
  • Safety! Internal and private security with CCTV system and PRM rounds. 24×7!
  • Technician Team working 24 hours on a continuous shift system.
  • We are from here!


We are perhaps the oldest client of the Cold Store: since 1992! It’s been many years. Why? Solution. Rigor. Trust.
We have a cold-chamber at the CCS exclusively ours. We feel at home!
Dr Ricardo Abreu, STENNY - A&L Enterprises
Office, warehouse and home. We are at ETG and with ETG Logistics!.
Subhasis Rath, VAMARA
We set up our business here and they never failed. What impresses most is the cold quality. Perfect!
We are a reference in the production and distribution of national frozen chicken and what we like most has been the consistency of quality and efficiency of the Cold Storage. HUKU!
Always available, and technically efficient.
Ideal location! We have our logistics distribution post at ETG.
Luis Salema, TTI
Home and offices in ETG. Our workplace for an exclusive and regional technical-industrial services offer (South Africa and Mozambique)
Commander Bruno, CSEI, Lda
We have leased a ETG auto-workshop to repair all types of vehicles and car trailers.
João P Pereira, MOZ-LOW
I import meat from Botswana and only these ETG cold chambers give me the guarantee and necessary security.
Auto workshop and paintings. High branded cars in an appropriate installation!
I rent ETG dry warehouse for various materials of construction and always without any problems.
Hossein Shahlaei, AFRICAN EXIM
We have our office at ETG, even near Port!
Johannes De Klerk, ALS Inspection
Whenever possible, we are customers of cold stores for our “NACIONAL” chicken!
Ana Oliveira, HIGEST
We belong to the same ETG Group and the location of facilities has been an impact factor!