Who We Are

We are a private limited company, registered under Mozambique Republic laws, belonging to the ETG Group – Export Trading Group.

Our facilities were built in 1945 and adapted for cold storage in 1963 by incorporating in the concrete 12 cm of compact industrial cork insulation to form thermic boxes (laterals, ceilings and floors). Unique and precious; in todays days … of incalculable value!

In 1976 the Statal Company “Pescom Nacional” was formed in the spirit that “the State should ensure to the People the basic needs, including fisheries products” which, of course, needed Cold Storage facilities.

In the 80’s the cold rooms were remodeled, with the addition of panel system and installation of all the industrial refrigeration equipment SABROEs brand.

We are the “heirs of Pescom” that after being privatized in 1992 for “Frigoríficos de Pesca de Maputo, Lda” was later acquired by ETG Group, in May 2008.

Thus, it was “reborn” under the name ETG Logistics and with the new local image: “Commercial Cold Storage – FRIGORÍFICO CENTRAL DE MAPUTO”, trademark and logo with national certification by IPI – Industrial Property Institute.

ETG has made numerous investments and technical interventions that have not only restructured the system and technical lay-out but, fundamentally, introduced new models of service, organization and management.

We have acquired GEA-Grasso compressors, evaporators Centauro, cooling towers Baltimore to our existing array of equipment. Last but not the least, we have introduced and inaugurated on April, 2016, a new concept in cold store management, called “the Autonomous Cold-Chambers“, dedicating four chambers with 400 Tons capacity, adjustable temperatures, latest German technology brand BITZER, under total control and liberty of clients.

We are the LARGEST COMMERCIAL COLD STORAGE in Mozambique, also with logistics services in Maputo for cereals or grains (warehouses up to 1500 square meters).

At your service!

O U R     T E A M

Vitor Marques, Guillermo Machado
Vitor Marques, Guillermo MachadoCCS Administrator, Country Head
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ETG Group - Maputo Team
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