About Our Technology

Our technology includes several factors. One of them being the protection of the ozone layer by using refrigerants that do not contribute to the greenhouse effect. We have three different technological solutions:

  1. R404A, environmentally friendly refrigerant contains no chlorine atoms which destroy the ozone layer. Three groups of compressors each with 44hp cooling capacity, one compressor for two cold chambers, the third compressor is kept as reserve. Condensers are air cooled. These compressors are from BITZER brand, manufactured specially for us and recently inaugurated.
  2. R717 Ammonia. Consisting of a SABROE compressor TSMC 116L with 16 compression cylinder and two GRASSO RC3111 four-cylinder each, all of them in two stages cooling system. The SABROE compressor has a cooling capacity of 142,000 kcal / h, the GRASSO 72000 kcal / h, the condenser is the type of Evaporative, Baltimore brand. This technology is used for 8 cold chambers of different capacities.
  3. R22. Four SABROE compressors TSMC 108L, two-stage with the overall cooling capacity of 250,000 kcal / h, for 11 cold chambers, uses capacitors type Evaporative.

We combine modernity and innovation to the strength and technological tradition of the Cold-Industry!

Technical Objectives

  • Power and Sustainability.
  • Maintenance and Security.
  • Capacity and Performance.
  • Restructuring and Innovation.

Installed Equipment